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Modern business education

Our prices

Prices of our training packages range from:

    500 € per day to 800 € per day

    500 € / day (for 1 trainer) ... 800 € / day (for 2 trainers) ...

    400 € / day (for 1 consultant) ... 600 € / day (for 2 consultants) ...

(The above prices do not include traveling and hotel accommodation expenses)

The prices are formed based on:
  • Number of trainers-educators per day
  • Number of classes-modules held per day
  • Number of paid guests (presenting case studies)
  • Number of people attending the trainings
  • Number of exercises and auxiliary materials
  • Need to customize the training plan and content
  • Time needed to prepare the training
  • Long term commitment (more trainings implemented)

The prices of our trainings are created to reflect your practical needs and the actual costs of their implementation.

(interactive workshop in Bor)

To find your business education needs, we use modern methodology based on the most advanced business consulting models, using practical research-based tools.

(training for A2B Express Belgrade)

(training for Cistoca Novi Sad)

Download Power Point presentation of our education and consulting services (1.7 MB)

"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive business advantage." -- Jack Welch

NEW = Do you want better performance and effective change management?

The list of all training courses

Creativity and innovation to competitive advantage training from Miodrag Kostic

Public training "Japanese way for Business in Serbia” in Belgrade Chamber of Commerce - March 18th 2014

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