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Modern business education

‘Sales - successful selling and customer care’ - SO2

Solves the problem of weak and inefficient selling and poor customer relationships - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor

What is really the sales? What customers buy? How buyer buys? Advice in sales. How to organize sales force? Teamwork and synergy in sales. Loyalty programs.

Expected result: Successful sales and quality relationships with customers.

Who should attend?
  • Large and medium enterprise managers on all levels
  • Owners and directors of small enterprises – entrepreneurs
  • All organizations who need to increase their sales and achieve better customer service.
  • Everybody who wishes to stimulate quality communication-relationship with customers, and increase selling efficiency
Training content
  • What is really sales? – understanding of selling situation
  • What buyers buy? – customer profile analyses
  • How does buyer buy? Preparing successful sales presentation
  • Sales adviser – improving sellers personality
  • How to organize sales force? – teamwork and sales synergy
  • Loyalty programs – how to prepare and implement them
  • Company that faces the customer – essentials of CRM
Benefits for you and your organization
  • You will understand the importance of efficient sales process, in your organizations (any organization).
  • You will discover how to practically improve your sales using the most advanced sales and communication methodology.
  • You will learn on practical examples and through interactive workshops, how to make your selling process effective, and increase your sales performance and profitability.
Training is realized using the most advanced educational methods trough intensive group work, with active engagement of each participant.

1 business day training (7 hours)

Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor

Reservations and application: This interactive in-house training is performed in Serbian language, and according to pre-defined schedule, for groups of participants, per your individual requests.